How To Choose Your Triathlons

Well here we are in 2013 and the triathlon-training season has begun for many of you!

If you are new to triathlon or not really sure when and where you should begin your training, you have come to the right page.

We recommend that start your yearly training plan early in the season. First you should select the races that you want to enter. You then build your training plan for the races that you have selected.

There are a lot of races to choose from and their individual distances must be considered.

Once you have decided which events you want to participate in, you need to go to the second step and see if they logically fit on to your training calendar.

The logical fitting is important to your progression up through the many triathlon levels and should be considered in the plan from the start.

You may decide you just want to finish your first triathlon and that’s fine, but your second and third races just might be in the same ballpark this summer so think ahead.

Most new triathletes start with a shorter distance event — like a try-a-tri or give it-a-try  — just to test the waters and to feel that they have a chance to finish. We are all in favor of this strategy because it is usually very successful and will instill great fun into your triathlon memories.

Try-A-Tri distances are: swim 375 meters, bike 10 km, run 2.5 km.

Some choose to begin at the sprint level, which is exactly double the try-a-tri distance and a little more challenging. Most will wear a wet suit at this level and up. There are still some mountain bikes used in this class but not very many these days.

Sprint distances are: swim 750 meters, bike 20 km, run 5 km.

The next level is Olympic distance and again it’s double the sprint distance. At his level you will find the competition getting keen and the seriously committed triathletes are far more common.

Olympic distances are: Swim 1500 meters, bike 40 km, run 10 km

So take some time and search out an event or events that catch your interest and then join our Durham Region Triathlon Club!

Find all the help you need to get started with The DRTC Tri-Buddy Program.

We are pleased to say that we can easily look after all of your triathlon needs, whether you are brand new to triathlon or a seasoned Ironman!

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