Swim Participant Guidelines

Swim Participant Guidelines

Swim safely! Review the safety rules.

START TIME. Remember, start time is when the swim starts. Arrive early enough to allow sufficient time to prepare for your swim.

Always make sure you close the gate behind you! We don’t want to let the dog out.

Please don't park in Sheila's driveway.

Please don't bring any children who won't be swimming or pets. They are a distraction for our shore boss and lifeguards. For your safety we need to stay focused on the swimmers.

Remember to bring the following:


Swim Goggles

A bright colour swim cap


Warm clothes for after the swim

A snack for after the swim

The following can be handy as well

Trislide or other wetsuit lubricate to help get into your wetsuit

A plastic bag to help get your wetsuit over your feet and hands

Glide or other anti chaffing lubricant for neck

Mouth wash for after the swim.