Club History


History of the Club Logo

Fleet of flight and wide of wing, the red-tailed hawk is a common sight soaring over the rolling hills and verdant fields of Durham Region.

That makes it a fitting symbol for the Durham Region Triathlon Club, a symbol of the connection between its members and the place where they live and train.

Why a hawk in the club logo?

It's a bird of prey whose flight is deliberate and energy-conserving until it spots a target. Then, it accelerates at double or triple speed to overtake its surprised prey. That approach -- "Give me half a chance and I'm gonna eat you for lunch" -- best represents our triathletes on the race course. The logo colors - earthy with a flare of red - speak to the spirit of our club members, too: grounded but possessed of a burning passion to push their limits. So, yeah, a hawk. Many thanks to Susan Typert and Black Cat Advertising for designing the club logo and our website.

The goal of the Durham Region Triathlon Club is to promote and develop the sport of triathlon in Durham Region. In an atmosphere of enjoyment and mutual respect, its members gather to improve their fitness and skill levels as triathletes. The club offers opportunities for safe and progressive training in swimming, cycling and running under the supervision of an experienced and certified coach. If you are a beginner, the club aims to be the first step in the personal transformation that will end with the completion of your first race upright and smiling.

For intermediate and veteran triathletes, it is an opportunity to exchange solitary training for the support and camaraderie that flow from a group of determined and motivated athletes with a common cause.
Durham Region Triathlon Club is sanctioned by the Ontario Association of Triathletes and operates under the direction of a volunteer board of directors.

It is a non-profit organization whose annual membership and ancillary fees cover the cost of OAT membership and the expenses that arise from conducting club business, group workouts and seminars.